Hello there, Titino is born!

Titino will be at Maker Faire 2014 in Rome. WAITING FOR YOU !!!Maker Faire Rome 2014


Titino is the first circuit that allows you program, communicate and manage all Arduino functions using RS 485 standard network.

The dimensions are the same of Arduino Mini and the connections are placed in order to have a perfect compatibility with Arduino.

titino_1  arduino e titino


The idea was born to solve some problems that will come in building automation, especially in DIY applications where Arduino is often used. In these applications is necessary a network for Arduino’s communications. Another important issue is the necessity to program Arduinos after have been installed (to modify or add some function or integrate other sensors, actuators, etc.). When this happens usually you have to disassemble (often open boxes or switches cases) and connect a PC to send a new program. Titino addresses both the needs described.Rete Titino_resized

To program Arduino through Titino you will use the standard Arduino IDE simply use the USB/RS485 converter.


  • Building automation
  • Automotive
  • Boating
  • Security

How does it works

On Titino is mounted one ATTINY85 microcontroller, one 32 kbytes EEPROM and one RS485 driver. Titino will be connected to an Arduino and be able it to comunicate trought RS485 protocol in order to realize a Arduino network.
But Titino isn’t only a RS485 shield.
The great function that improve Titino is to program Arduino trought the same RS485 network.
Today if you have several Arduinos installed in your home application, you need to reach each Arduino (often this is a very hard work), carry out a PC and program it, in order to upload a new sketch.
Thanks to Titino you only type (by using the serial monitor available on standard Arduino IDE) the command Program_ID=x, where x is the Titino network address.
Titino reply with a acknowledge message (“IDx_wait program”) and you simply press the upload button. ALL DONE!
Titino store the sketch in to its EEPROM memory, check if this is correct and then program the Arduino.